Wine & dine at Heaven Seven

Heaven Seven Hotel

The Knights Diner

The fresh greenery and gentle breeze wrapping your soul and mind

Beautiful setting, wonderful weather, amazing sights, friendly people and of course, most importantly, FOOD is perfection! Heaven Seven Cuisines come along with strong mouth-watering fumes that’ll hook a passer-by with its divine uniqueness. Due to local and foreign experiences taking control over the wonderfully laid dishes, we can assure, your stay at Heaven Seven Luxury hotel will be one of the finest and the tastiest.

  •    Classic Prawn Cocktail with a tangy cocktail sauce
  •    Golden Carrot Soup straight from the Nuwara Eliya vegetable
  •    Juicy homemade Nuwara Eliya beef burger
  •    Classical Club Sandwich with your choice of brown or white bread
  •    Variety of Sweet Dishes to delight your sweet tooth
  •    Sizzlers to keep you sizzled on a cold evening
  •    Hot & spicy Sri Lankan & Thai dishes
  •    Crunchy Caesar Salad
  •    Variety of your favourite pasta
  •    Seafood & meats

That’s just a tiny peek at our menu card. Choose much more from over 50 gastronomies at Heaven Seven that is made entirely keeping you in mind.