Dining Heaven Seven

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The pride of the Lankan culture and heritage

Heaven Seven Kandy comes with a lot more than fluffy bathrobes and comfy beds. It’s a marvellous place that will have you reconsidering everything you thought you knew about food. The restaurant is designed to combine a relaxing atmosphere with a fine dining touch to give you the most delightful dining experience.

  •     Classic Prawn Cocktail with a tangy cocktail sauce
  •     Juicy homemade Kandy beef burger
  •     Classical Club Sandwich with your choice of brown or white bread
  •     Variety of Sweet Dishes to delight your sweet tooth
  •     Sizzlers to keep you sizzled on a cold evening
  •     Hot & spicy Sri Lankan & Thai dishes
  •     Crunchy Caesar Salad
  •     Variety of your favourite pasta
  •     Seafood & meats

That’s just a tiny peek at our menu card. Choose much more from over 50 gastronomies at Heaven Seven that is made entirely keeping you in mind.